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Veneers – Get that Winning Smile!

So maybe your smile isn’t the brightest and your teeth are stained. Or, maybe they are a bit uneven in length or they’re not spaced evenly. You may have even lived with that chipped tooth for so long now that you don’t even notice it anymore.

Man with a winning smile

Veneers hide imperfections and give back that “winning” smile!

At Seaford Smiles, we can transform your smile into a winning one with a procedure that completely covers imperfections and discolorations – the doctor can do this easily through the application of veneers.

To inquire about this procedure, call our office. We’d be happy to provide you with more information.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin new tooth surfaces that are custom made to fit your teeth and address your particular condition(s). Made from porcelain, they are bonded directly to the tooth surface to whiten and/or align teeth, close up spaces, repair chipped or damaged teeth, or cover tooth enamel that is worn from the aging process or from teeth grinding.

How are Veneers Applied?

Prior to the placement of dental veneers, the teeth that will be fitted with the custom-made “shells” need to be prepped. Generally, this requires removing some of the outer layer of tooth enamel and shaping the tooth so that the veneer, which is about the thickness of a fingernail, can be applied to the tooth surface and not stick out.

Next, we take impressions of the teeth to prepare a mold from which the veneers will be made. The molds are sent to a lab where the veneers that are made. At your next visit, the teeth are cleaned with a mild acidic solution and the veneers are applied with a bonding adhesive that cements them in place.

What Can I Expect After I Receive My Veneers?

It generally takes about two weeks to get used to the shape and feel of your “new”teeth. You may experience some sensitivity to heat and cold during this time.

You can expect your new veneers to last for years if you maintain them properly and avoid biting on hard objects (such as ice cubes and carrots), biting your nails, or using them to open objects! Maintain proper daily dental hygiene and visit our office twice yearly for regular cleanings and examinations to be sure that your veneers are shining like new, with no cracks or other visible defects that may need to be addressed.

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