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Contemporary Technology

At Seaford Smiles, you can be confident that you can receive the best treatment with the latest in proven technology. Our equipment has been carefully selected to exceed the industry standard.


Dental x-rays

Digital radiographs use 90% less radiation than traditional film.

We strictly adhere to the industry standards of infection control and are fully equipped with ultrasonic instrument cleaning and Mocom sterilization. You can have peace of mind that our clean and hygienic practice has your health as our highest priority.

Low dose Digital Radiographs (X-Rays)

Digital radiography allows us to see under the surfaces of your teeth and gums, with the image coming up on the screen within seconds. This is quite unlike the “old days” of waiting a long time for film x-rays to develop! Digital radiographs also use 90% less radiation than traditional film. By viewing and filtering your x-rays on a computer, problems can be more easily diagnosed so they can be treated more easily and comfortably.

Dental Wand / Computer assisted local anaesthetic

Our state of the art anaesthetic system takes much of the dread out of the dental injection. Our computerised anaesthetic system allows us to provide a gentler, virtually pain free experience.

Kavo Ergocam One

Our state of the art intra-oral camera allows you to see what we see. You can observe real-time images of your mouth magnified on the monitor in front of you.

Nitrous Oxide

We offer gentle dental treatment in relaxing surroundings, but understand some people still feel anxious or nervous about dental treatment. Rest assured, cowards are welcome. That’s why we offer nitrous oxide, AKA Laughing gas or happy gas. Happy gas is offered, which helps you have a more peaceful, enjoyable experience at Seaford Smiles Dental. You will feel more calm and relaxed as you receive treatment, so fear no more. Nitrous oxide is very safe, having been first used by an Australian dentist in 1847. At the end of treatment, the gas takes up to 5 minutes to completely clear from your system, after which you will feel normal and alert. It is safe and legal to drive home once you are back to normal. If you have any questions, ask your dentist at Seaford Smiles.

OPG Unit (Cranex D with lateral ceph)

Our state of the art equipment allows us to take a two-dimensional scan of both your upper and lower jaws. There is no longer the inconvenience of a trip across town – another way Seaford Smiles makes it easier for you.

Cone Beam CT

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