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Affordable Dental Care

Seaford Family with healthy smilesGetting the best dental care can sometimes be costly. Yet putting it off can be even more costly. That’s why Seaford Smiles maintains competitive pricing, consistently lower than Melbourne’s average.

True to our motto of healthy smiles for every generation, we offer a seniors discount for patients on the aged pension. Seaford Smiles also offers free dental care for eligible kids as part of the government funded Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

DentiCare Plans

You should always be able to access dental treatment whenever you need it instead of when you can afford it. That’s why we are particularly pleased to make DentiCare plans available to all of our patients โ€“ so that you no longer have to wait for pain to begin.

  • Simple payment plans over 3-12 months
  • Allows you to start your dental treatment straight away
  • No credit checks. Just a simple one-page form
  • No interest
  • Simply pay a minimum 20% deposit and a small one-off setup fee of $39

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*Terms and conditions apply. Ask our staff or book online at Seaford Smiles to find out more.

We Accept:

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Emergency Vouchers
  • Emergency and general dental vouchers from community dental clinics are accepted.
  • Denti-care payment plans
  • Seniors, Healthcare & Pension Cards Discount โ€“ Eligible patients receive a 10% discount on all our services by presenting your card to reception before seeing your dentist.


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